Parents share Valentine's Day box memories -
Published Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 1:00 am / Updated at 2:05 pm
Valentine's Day
Parents share Valentine's Day box memories
Create your own monster box
Unfortunately, my preschooler's school doesn't trade Valentine's Day cards.

Bummer, I know.

So we create boxes and exchange valentines at home. Aunties, uncles and grandparents share their lovey-dovey notes, too.

This year, we're creating a monster box.

Empty tissue box
Spray paint
Craft paint
Paint brush
Craft foam
Egg carton
Googly eyes

Spray-paint an empty tissue box with the color of your choice. After it dries, add some polka dots using craft paint and the end of a paintbrush. While the paint dries, draw teeth on craft foam to cut out.

Next, cut the egg carton into a pair of eye sockets and glue googly eyes on them.

Now it's time to bring your monster to life. Use a hot-glue gun to attach the teeth and eyes.

Tip: If you're not big into painting, you could always use decorative craft duct-tape and tape the tissue box.

— Josefina Loza

We tend to think of Valentine's Day as a romantic holiday.

But there's something special about that fervent four-letter word — love — that goes beyond the image of a couple.

Kids love celebrating the day of hearts, too.

And for many, that mushy feeling starts with a tissue box or a shoebox

That's right, we're talking about hand-decorated Valentine's Day boxes. A place where students can pass chocolates and cute love notes in class.

Ah! To be a 'tween again and receive an “I like you” or “Would you be my Valentine?” card.

We asked parents to share their favorite Valentine's Day memories and craft ideas that youngsters can make with a little help from a grown-up.

Here's what they had to say:

This was the first year Omaha mom Carly Urbach, 32, helped her children make Valentine's Day boxes.

“My kids had come home from school and were talking about their upcoming Valentine's Day party and asked me if I could help them make an 'extra special' box for their valentine cards,” she explained.

She agreed, loving the idea of spending time with her children by making crafts.

“I already had some supplies from Hobby Lobby, so I had the kids look around the house for something they could decorate,” she said.

Her children found tissue boxes. They also picked up a few supplies for decorating. Her 5-year-old daughter, Olivia, wanted a girly box with hearts. So they placed heart candies on it. Bobby, 7, wanted a Lego Ninjago box.

“The kids helped me cover the boxes with construction paper. Olivia helped me glue hearts all over the entire box. Bobby used his trace board to make a bunch of Lego Ninjago characters and he glued his on.

“They turned out pretty cute going from a plain Kleenex box to fabulous valentine holders,” she said. “It was a fun, easy project to do with my kids.”

* * *

Omahan Kristina Paché and her 5-year-old son, Brayden, are making one together.

It's not for Brayden. He'll make his annual Valentine's Day box at school.

It's for Mama Paché.

“I have to do one for my craft club at work,” said the 25-year-old. “Starting last year at my job at Mutual of Omaha, a few ladies and I get together and do a monthly craft club. This February, just like last year, we are making our own Valentine's Day box and our own special little valentines, not store-bought. I love it! It makes you feel like a kid again and I can let Brayden help me with my craft for the craft club.”

This year, Paché wants to show Brayden that he can add his own special touch to his valentines for his friends and have fun with it.

Her theme for the box: “I want to make it really valentiny, if that's even a word. With hearts, glitter, lace, the works! A love box with romance all over it.”

She'll add a beautiful vintage ornament that she has at work to the box. It's a heart that says “Love” on it. It will help make the box “pop,” she said.

* * *

Omahan Josie Keffeler, 32, jokes that her favorite Valentine's Day box is one filled with chocolate.

When it comes time to make the boxes for school, her 8-year-old daughter K'Ziah usually turns to her for help.

Last year's collage of family and friends stood out.

They printed photos of some favorite memories, then glued them on a box.

Receiving a valentine's note always is special, Keffeler said.

As a kid, she had fun creating Valentine's Day boxes, but the excitement of opening it after school was more thrilling.

This year she and her daughter are debating whether to bedazzle or go simple — either way, it'll be made and filled with love, she said.

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